The Young Ones…Once

Well I finally met up with my ex-schoolmates on Monday for dinner and I think we were all pleasantly surprised that we hit it off so well again after 30++years.  Tear forming laughters resounded round the Sizzler Steak House in Toa Payoh as we engaged in memory exchange and heartwarming banter.   It only took half an hour into the meet that we started planning for the next one. So Yeah! It was some enchanted evening!

Macritchie Primary School Gathering 006

From the salad buffet


Macritchie Primary School Gathering 005

My Pan fried Dory Dish


Macritchie Primary School Gathering 001

Early birds Sara & Irene


The Three Stooges


Macritchie Primary School Gathering 007

With the addition of Doreen and Annie


Macritchie Primary School Gathering 009

4 Responses

  1. It must have brought back many fun memories~

    • Yeah it did… 😉

  2. oh my gosh you still have mini class reunions after so long! that’s so nice… i hope my ex schoolmates will still remember me in 20 years!

    • It’s unlikely they will forget you….so charmingly gorgeous…. 😉

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