Jules Is Still Alive…

For those of you wondering why I haven’t been updating this blog, well it is simply because I’ve been lazy and busy playing Zynga Poker on facebook. Playing the game relaxes me and besides it was a challenge for me to been able to restart from 400k chips and to gain and reach a whopping 1.4m in chips. Also there was a huge project at work that left me a little zombified for lack of a better word.

Anyone who updates a blog…hmmm well a blog of a little more value than others takes a lot of effort and time not that mine fits into the profile of such a said blog, but hey I make an effort just the same!

Ok here are a few updates of sorts….

On Family

Seth was third in his class and earned himself a $10 popular voucher, and I am still a little baffled as to how he managed to score the highest in his class for his Chinese paper.  No help from his parents that’s for sure, his tuition teacher must be brilliant.  Anyhow I hope he can maintain this standard next year for Primary 3 though it will be tough year for him I reckon.   Will make it a point not to pressure him too much.

Kenan will be starting Primary 1 next year and I am a little concern for him because unlike his brother, he is a little more street smart than study smart.

Mom and Dad will be celebrating their 44th Wedding Anniversary first week next month.  No easy feat I can tell you in this day and age!

On A Restaurant I Tried And Have Come To Love

Meatarians FALL IN!  There is a great affordable place to dine in for your special occasions.   All the meats are succulent and very well marinated and just simply yummilicious!

Name : Fiesta Brasilia

Location : #B1-15/16 United Square, Singapore 307591
Contact   : Tel: 6250 0108 Fax: 6250 0950

I opted for the dinner with Free flow of beer and I manage to get hold of this delicious beer with Tequila and lime imported from…. yup you guessed it…Brazil!  It complemented the meats remarkably well! I couldn’t get a pic of the actual bottle off the net but I managed to get a pic of the one with Lemon instead of Lime. 

Anyhow till next time………CHEERS!

2 Responses

  1. congrats to seth! and don’t worry, i’m sure kenan will be fine in primary one. anything, big brother can teach him. 🙂

    • Big brother will be to preoccupied with his own school work…but well we’ll keep our fingers crossed 😆

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