Book Review – Simple Genius By David Baldacci

Simple Genius

Brief Description –  In a world of secrets, human genius is power. And sometimes it is simply deadly… A three-hour drive from Washington, D.C., two clandestine institutions face each other across a heavily guarded river. One is the world’s most unusual laboratory, whose goals and funding are a mystery. The other is an elite CIA training camp shrouded in secrecy. Now a man and a woman are about to run a gauntlet between these two puzzle factories, straight into a furious struggle to exploit a potentially world-shattering discovery–and keep some other secrets underwraps forever…

David Baldacci’s characters in his are in-depth with often times complex personalities and colourful histories.  And that is not even diving in to the rich, delicious, suspenseful plots.  In Simple Genius I found that I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next as well as to learn what was it that drove some of the characters to do what they did and why?

In short the title of the book could very well serve two purposes, one in describing the general plot of the book and the second in describing the Author himself! 😉

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