Book Review – Garden Of Beasts by Jeffrey Deaver

 Sypnosis : 

Paul Schumann, a German-American living in New York City in 1936, is a mobster hit man known equally for his brilliant tactics and for taking only “righteous” jobs. But when a hit goes wrong and Schumann is nabbed, he’s offered a stark choice: kill Reinhard Ernst, the man behind Hitler’s rearmament scheme, and walk free forever—or be sent to Sing-Sing and the electric chair.

The instant Paul sets foot in Berlin his mission becomes a deadly cat-and-mouse chase, with danger and betrayal lurking at every turn. For the next forty-eight hours, as the city prepares for the coming summer Olympics, Schumann stalks Ernst, while a dogged criminal police officer and the entire Third Reich security apparatus search frantically for the American. Packed with fascinating period detail and featuring a cast of perfectly realized local characters, Olympic athletes, and senior Nazi officials—some real, some fictional—Garden of Beasts dishes up breathtaking action, a wrenching look at Nazi-era Berlin, and a series of stunning plot twists.

Well you can hardly go wrong with Jeffrey Deaver, even his worst written novel which I have yet to find could still be on The New York Time Bestseller List simply because he is a brilliant writer with a brilliant Chess player’s mind except in his case he’d beat you before you even move your first piece. 

While this book is fiction, the superbly combined factual events and things of that period makes this a very intriguing and an exciting read.  And because if this, I’ve decided to read another one of his books next – Hell’s Kitchen.

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