Ratings For Each Post..

I didn’t even realise there was this option available on wordpress.  Apparently when enabled, readers are able to rate each post by clicking first on the header of the post.

I was torn choosing between the 5 star rating system or the Nero Rating one, so in the end I opted the latter for sheer simplicity.  Basically it’s just a thumbs up or thumbs down rating system.  I wonder if I have to go through each individual post after some time just to check back on the ratings or is there a ratings summary page??

Ha ha just as I typed that last sentence, I glanced down and there is a ‘Reports’ button under the Ratings tab!

Anyhow any feedback will be great….better yet if you would take the time to comment or just say hi.  However for those too tired or just feeling lazy here’s a new option….just a click away 😆

Nothing Is More Important To A Woman…




aka Accoutrements 😆