Reply From The Warden…

A few months back I was quite upset an wrote a mock letter to the warden of the Church I attend, just to clear my head.   And interestingly enough…..No not that he had read it, but that he walked up to where I was seated at the canteen with my family and asked if he could seat and talk.

He began by shaking my hand and requested we start afresh by putting the past behind us.  I agreed, however I felt that I needed to explain my actions regardless of whether it was right or wrong.  After listening, he apologised for his part in that episode even though he was just carrying out his duty. Because he agreed he could have handled the situation better. 

He then inquired if I attended St Gabe’s as he was trying his best to place me as I looked awfully familiar to him.  I told him that I’ve met and spoken to him before some 20++ years ago as we were from the same parish then in a different district.  We talked and caught up for a few more minutes when he asked if I would consider joining him in becoming a warden myself.

I told him I had always wanted to take a more active role in Church however shift work does not permit me to do so on a regular basis especially on weekends.  He then informed me that it would not be a problem and that I should give it some serious consideration.   I thanked him and told him that I would do so indeed, shook hands again and we parted ways.

Well I must say it is leading up to be a very interesting New Year indeed.  Oh and his name is not Ben as I recalled in my ‘letter’ but Raphael.

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  1. that’s wonderful!!!

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