Unknown Infection Underarm

Sometime a fortnight ago Seth has one or two skin lesions under his right armpit area.  Then in just a few days it spread to about 15 or so lesions, so when the conazole cream I applied didn’t seem to be working and one lesion appeared under his left arm I decided it was time to take him to see a doctor.  Moreover the lesions looked a little bit like those of chicken pox but he did not have any of the other symptoms.

Our local GP seemed concerned as he wasn’t sure what it was, and decided it was best to refer us to a Skin Specialist at Glenegles Hospital.  I rushed him over there the next day for a consulation and treatment.  Consulation alone was $90 and the intial medication and I think Lab Test $50.  It was some sort of infection which theoretically is contagious however remains undertermined.  With the medication, things should improve, otherwise some form of contact tracing would be necessary.  He was given some oral antibiotics and Fucidin cream to be applied on the affected areas.  A ‘follow up’ is schedule for this Thursday. 

While waiting for the medication and bill I must say this Lady Skin Specialist has some very impressive accolades hanging on her wall.  From recognition from the various Singapore Medical Faculties for her contributions to research and development in her field to the PHD received at Harvard Medical School USA.

Well anyhow as of Today it’s looking very good, as it all seems to be clearing up and disappearing…..

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  1. Thank goodness

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