Nice To Have Or Must Have…

” The Difference Between Men and Boys is the Price Of Their Toys!”

Well lately I have been toying of the idea of finally getting myself the IPHONE 3gs (32), but what is nagging at me is the subject of my post.  Do I really need it?  As it is my monthly mobile phone bill is normally below $20, with an Iphone purchase the monthly subcription will be slightly more than double and that is not even counting additional Data charges if any.  So my question goes out to all ye Iphone users……Can you live with a normal phone now that you have switched?  Have your Telco bills skyrocketed? Do you use more than 3apps on the Iphone daily?  Well I have till March to decide because than my plan is up for recontract or upgrade….

Next I was thinking of upgrading my Notebook’s OS from Vista to Windows 7 and again I find myself asking….Do I need to??  I have not really encountered any problems using Vista perhaps because I have 4GB Ram onboard.  But I hear Windows 7 is very much better in terms of stability and processing speed not to mention the clutter free desktop etc.  However Windows mail will no longer be supported, hence I will have to either download Windows Live mail or use Outlook instead.  If I do decide to upgrade then I will still have to consider two more options.  Do I simply buy the upgrade pack or do I pay more to do a clean install? Which would mean a lengthly backup and restore procedure after the installation.  Then do I go for the 32bit or 64bit version?  I suppose if I opted for the clean install option then it only make more sense to do the 64bit version right?  I suppose I can think it through some more and decide if I want to do it in March eh?….hmmmm

Oh and I was thinking of getting myself an ‘ugly shoe’ ( i.e. to some)….The Vibram Five Fingers which basically allows you to mimick bare foot running without actually going Bare Footed! or is it Feeted 😆  Not exactly cheap too! Oh well…..we’ll see….

And finally OH WHERE OH WHERE can I get hold of one of these game controllers???  *grins*

4 Responses

  1. how long you been using vista for? if you haven’t already had any problems with it, you will. i’m still using vista, but i’m going to make the switch to win 7 as soon as we get the cd.

    and i say no to the iphone, only because i hate everything apple. but that’s just me.

    josh, on the other hand, is in love with his iphone. i think.

    • Really no problems whatsoever ever…just lucky I guess and I have been using it for over two years now?….

      And YES Josh swears by his Iphone, they would do well to make him an ambassador for their product 😆

  2. happy chinese new year to you and your wonderful family. funny coincidence that valentine’s / singles awareness day & my birthday coincide too 🙂

    • Gong Xi Fa Cai! And may good health, happiness and prosperity be upon you and your loved ones!

      Happy belated birthday! Wow all rolled up in one…does that mean you get two presents? 😀

      Take care and God bless….

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