Book Review – When Darkness Falls By James Grippando


Sypnosis : 

Miami attorney Jack Swyteck is back in the lightning-paced thriller When Darkness Falls. This time Jack gets more than he bargained for when he defends a homeless man who calls himself Falcon.

Falcon is full of contradictions. He lives in a car but he has access to a lot of cash. And he has an obsession with the Miami mayor’s daughter. First, Falcon threatens to jump from the top of the Bay of Biscayne bridge unless he can talk to Alina Mendoza. He ends up in jail, but surprisingly has the bail money and is on the street again in a few hours, earning Jack the enmity of the powerful and vindictive mayor.

Then Falcon strikes again. Hours after his release, the body of a brutally murdered woman is found in the trunk of Falcon’s car. Then Falcon crashes Jack’s car into a motel and takes hostage the woman inside, plus Theo, in the process killing one policeman and injuring another. Now Jack’s in a pulse-pounding race to save Theo and the woman…but what Jack doesn’t know is that the deadly scenario that’s unfolding is much bigger than Falcon, much bigger than he could possibly imagine.


This Author came highly recommended by a buddy of mine,  so I decided to try reading one of his books.  Little did I know that this one happens to be number 6 of the Jack Swyteck series.  Doesn’t really matter as it does take off from the previous book nor does it lead you on to the next.

The plot is strong and the characterizations very good and it did well to hold my attention throughout.  But as far as twists goes well…. let’s just say for now, I’ve experienced far better.  Still I very much enjoyed James Grippando’s writing style and his wicked sense of humour which he manages to entwine into the tale, a feat not often found in Thrillers!

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