In Retrospect..

We all wonder growing up what it would be like to lead an adult life? Freedom to do what we want, when we want.  We lead pretty much carefree lives when we were in Primary School aka Grade school and yet as we grew older we pined for liberty.  How ironic that when we finally reach Adulthood,we find ourselves shackled with responsibilities.

Dreams and aspirations seem abundant and within reach, till one attempts to grasp at them.  We would be fortunate to have what little come true for us through the sweat off our backs.

Invincible, we trudge on in life to face our enemies true or imagined only to find that we are indeed a vulnerable lot. 

We embark on a search to find our unlikely partner for is it not true that opposites attract?  Again how fortunate are we to have our hearts broken only once if not then twice. Before it mends strengthtens and moves onward till the search finally ends, with the hopeful beginnings of a lifelong companionship.

Soon the son becomes a father, the daughter a mother.  And while they vowed early in life not to repeat their parent’s mistakes, they make plenty if not more of their very own.

In our life’s journey to the end, may we always strive to better ourselves and remain a faithful people.

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