Goodbye My Dear Mobile No



What is the big deal about changing a mobile number right? Well if you’re one of those who changes it frequently then yeah it’s no big deal!  But as for me, I’ve had this number now for over 16 years.  Way before I even got married, so can you imagine just how many memorable phone conversations I’ve had on this number?  😉

Well of course not all were pleasant ones 😆  It had it’s fair share of hang ups, missed calls, wrong numbers, strangers cussing and swearing, but still this one has roamed over with me to countries far and wide!  It even has it’s own premier miles accumulated ha ha!

Well anyhow….why did I finally decide to have it changed? Well simply because, in it’s long lifespan it has been logged into many…many…many databases and hence I’ve been getting lots of marketing and spam calls!  Well Enough NO MORE! Tis not so sweet now as it was before…..*grins*

Besides I manage to get hold of a pretty nice and shiny new mobile no. X@@##-My Unique Gun where @@ and ## denotes a pair of the same digits.  ( or nnnnn-Not Under Here )

So my Dear Friends or Family, if you have not yet received an SMS with my new mobile number, kindly contact me via email or tel and I’ll update you individually.

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