My First Interview Of Seth & Kenan Using VADO

After watching my kids baby videos, which I took using my $900 video camera back in 2002-2004. I decided that I needed to take some more videos before they’re all grown up.  The problem is my video camera is now a little dated.  And so I didn’t want to go through the hassle of converting them first, then later editing the videos which took me hours to get done.

I decided I wanted something cheap, easy to use, of decent quality and easy to upload to say youtube etc.  So I ended up deciding between the Flip or Vado and chose the latter because of the reviews. (3rd Generation)  For my very first attempt using it, I decided to interview Seth first while Kenan finished his telephone conversation with his grandmother.

This is what happened just as I clicked record…. unscripted and unplanned!

8 Responses

  1. i had a good laugh!~! hahahaha…

    kenan was prancing behind seth …that was funny …

    • The best part is that Seth didn’t know that his brother was doing that behind him till he watched the replay and started to burst out laughing himself 😆

  2. Seeing their smiles makes me smile. Any future installments coming up ? 😉

  3. Almost certainly as I already bought the Vid cam… might as well put it to good use eh? 😉

    Besides your quick response to the first one is an incentive 😆

  4. oh…so my response not so much welcome huh ? sob sob.. * skips away* lalaalallalallalalalalala*

    • Huh? I responded almost immediately and YES you were the first to even comment…Always welcomed and eagerly awaited 😆
      Why? That time of the month huh? Be well… *hugs*

  5. hahahaha! i love kenan’s background dance! i actually laughed out (really) loud! so cute la they are… hehe “my favorite food is vegetables” lol!

    and looks like we got something in common julian, i also always scold johan when he drinks coke! haha

    • Can’t emphasize enough how bad coke is for everybody but drinking it once a month is fine, besides I prefer Pepsi! …. 😉

      I was trying hard not to laugh while filming…but you should have seen Seth’s reaction when he saw what his brother did when he watched the replay, because he didn’t have a clue!

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