Short Vidclip Of Baby Kenan

Managed to find an old video clip of my son Kenan when he as 11mths old I think….Loved the way he responded when I called his name ….awwww

4 Responses

  1. he is such a cuite!!!!!!!!!

    • Boy you are fast! I just posted it like two minutes ago! And thanks! I’ll let him know what Auntie Eileen thinks of him! 😉

  2. So alert and smiley ! Did you start recording video footage of your kids when they were infants ?

    • Yup I did from 2002 to 2004 then I stopped…lot of work! 😆

      I am trying to upload one of Seth which I edited with both pictures and footage but don’t know if it will be successful because the smaller version is 48mb and in wmv format. We’ll see…..


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