Time For A Tiger? Check Out Your Happy Hour Watch!


Movement: Japanese quartz movement AL55b. Case: Alloy case in WCS plating in silver color with stainless steel back case & patented Happy Hour™ buckle. Band: Wide perforated black leather.

The watch looks sleek enough with a nice looking buckle and comes with cool looking holey strap.  And this below is an added bonus!

Bottle Cap Opener!

But my question for the makers of this watch is….

  1. What if Happy Hour is not at 1700hrs (5PM) is a certain State or Country?
  2. Do you drink in a Bar, Pub or Nightclub where they don’t remove the cap for you?
  3. Or is this watch for Happy Hour at Home? 😆

Anyhow here is the story behind the watch….by Tyler Alexander I believe….

Happy Hour™ was started in 2007 when I was traveling on a long road trip to the East Coast. I was wondering “what on Earth could make it easier to have a cold beer?” (Yes, it had been a long trip). I looked at my watch and my mind started going. Countless 12 packs later, hours of design & research and many meetings with drinkers, lawyers and friends, I had come up with a product unlike any other.

Happy Hour™ is built for those who want to have a little fun opening their beverage with a very stylized watch. The patented buckle allows you to pop-open your favorite beverage with nothing more than a flick of the wrist—and without taking off your watch.

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