Getting To Know My Darling Isabellafone


Well after spending more than eight hours straight with my new mate the Iphone 3GS and falling in love with her personalization, I decide to name her Isabellaphone!  Isa for short.

Well first of all it took me almost  4hours++ just to reorganise the mp3 files on ITunes,  because all the nicely organised folders I had while using my Creative Mp3 player was merged into one big mess or should I say a mass orgy of songs!  Setting up playlists for them is a chore….unless I am missing an easier way??? Hmmm..

Then it was time to try out all the existing pre-packaged apps and functions, and it was relatively easy to do, though there are quite a few neat tips and tricks like taking a screenshot is not included in the manual.  Thanks Josh for sharing that piece with me….basically just press ‘home’ and the ‘sleep/wake’ button simultaneously.  Then there is copying and pasting of a block of text tip and so on and so forth.

Next it was time to search for some neat applications…..but before I searched, I was wondering why I had very little response when it came to recommendations.  The only conclusion I can think of is that apart from folks being too busy to respond or that few actually follow my blog regularly : D IS…that a lot depends on the individual’s taste, work and play preferences and desired tools etc.  Anyhow here are the apps that I have come to love for most and use….And DO… Please Share your own app experience with me when you have the time…..CHEERS


Local Apps

  • Trafficam SG – Local traffic situations via almost real-time cams.
  • STOMP – Straits Times Online Mobile Print
  • Razor TV
  • Channel News Asia
  • tranSGuide – Bus guide
  • SG Buses
  • buUuK – Restaurant Locations etc.

International Apps

  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • XE Currency Converter
  • Facebook
  • Convert Units For Free
  • Dictionary?
  • WhatApps Messenger – Highly recommended
  • G700-1st Soft Camera – Highly recommended

Game ( Only 3 so far )

  • Live Poker Zynga
  • Parachute Ninja
  • Angry Birds

Catholic Stuff

  • Prayer 1000+ Catholic Prayers By – Nicely done
  • Rosary – Mysteries Of The Rosary – Great Pics and automatic pull of mysteries according to day

Right now I’m busy with converting some DVDS and making my own ringtones!

4 Responses

  1. Hi Julian, yay iPhone ! Although you’ve already bought yourself a case, I thought I’d share this link with you.

    Is your Speck case really in purple ? That would be snazzy. 🙂

    As for my apps, I keep them to a minimum, just the essentials. Paranoid about clutter !

    Bank of America / UniCon / France 24 / Google Mobile App / TweetDeck / Ultimate Guitar Tabs / Collins Pro French-English Translation Dictionary by Ultralingua, Inc. – USD 25 !

    • Hiya Kris,

      Thanks for sharing mate! And Yes my Speck case is purple and I truly adore everything about it! I mean it keeps my phone safe and it feels both secure and sturdy. The leather ones you shared in your link looks pretty good but I guess, will be subject to wear a lot sooner. I noticed you mentioned TweetDeck, I on the other hand prefer Twitterific simply because it’s terrific 😆 I will be posting my all time favourite apps on Monday.

      Once again thanks for sharing in-depth! Wish more guys & gals would!

      Luv Jules

  2. Glad to hear you’re gettig along well with your phone. Do bear in mind whenu ask for app recommendations that some apps really good apps can cost 10 USD so whether yours is a jbroken phone or not does make a difference… in terms of cost and savings.

    • *sings* You ain’t nothing but a hound dog!… 😆

      Ya la wait! I will JB mine when the warranty ends besides it may be a matter of time before they start clamming down on all ye jailbreakers! ha ha

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