Great Tool For Propping Your Iphone Up On Your Desktop

Especially for watching Videos!  Besides it sorts of acts as a dock when charging too right?  Anyhow the cheap DIY inexpensive way is doing your own stand with a paper clip as demonstrated by Dean out there in blogosphere.  But for one, paper clips tend to rust and two wouldn’t you be worried it might scratch your darling phone?

Well the very same Dean, was brilliant enough to come up with this idea of a credit card sized stand; Which you can keep in your wallet, then whip and fold out when needed.  Needless to say he’s doing pretty well selling his product at  Definitely one of those moments you’d go….NOW WHY DIDN”T I THINK OF THAT FIRST?

I think it’s great and reasonably priced……

Will most likely be getting one soon 😉

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2 Responses

  1. Pretty cool but I don’t see myself using it that much since I hardly watch vids.

    • I only wish I can come up with something like that and make lots of money too! *sigh*

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