Juleslife’s Favourite Iphone Apps


In my previous post I mentioned most of the apps I downloaded for use, Ever since then I’ve downloaded a few more apps and evaluated them all a little more thoroughly. Most of the free ones I listed are decent and quite good considering they are free, however there are some paid ones which are really fantastic! But then again there were two paid ones which were horrible! One needed the PC to run on MAC OS but was not clearly stated in the “Requirements’ Section. The other just didn’t work at all!!!

Anyhow here are my 12 all time favourites apps and in no particular order…

  1. ShapeWriter Pro – Way better than typing out the messages, notes etc! I would estimate that using it, I am 75% faster at it. Not cheap though, so if you’re really fast at the keypad then skip this one.
  2. Stanza – Free Ebook reader with links to free books or even paid ones and downloads new books on the fly.
  3. WorldCard Contacts – A better contacts management system with Biz Card reader management support built in.
  4. AppBoxPro – Fantastic app 20 great apps in one, includes Batt Life,Currency,Dashboard which you can click for more detailed information on your Iphone, Date Calc, Days Until,Flashlight,Holidays,Level,Loan,Pregnancy Calendar,Price Grab,Random Number Generator,Ruler,Sale Price,System Info,Tip Calc,Translator,Unit converter,Wallet (which u can secure for us0.99), Web Games. And I only discovered a few days later that you could slide to the right to reveal 10 more google apps such as google reader, google buzz, google calendar, google docs ec.
  5. MSecure – Password management and a whole lot more, securely store credit card information, memberships info, bank accounts, etc. (You won’t need this if you opted to use the AppBoxPro Wallet above) though it has two great functions that the Appbox wallet doesn’t, 1)to destroy the data if the incorrect password is entered X times (Your own setting choice) 2) Option to download a utility to your PC to backup the Msecure data on your Iphone.
  6. WhatsApp Messenger – Great for chats, huge savings on SMS. Nice UI
  7. Dictionary? aka WordWeb – Free and easy to use dictionary
  8. G700-1st Soft Camera – Great camera tools and applications.
  9. iNews O – Rss – Mobile Rss Reader
  10. QuadCamera – Way Cool for motion capture
  11. PS Mobile – Mobile Photoshop – for simple editing etc. love this cos I didn’t have a utility to even rotate a pic 😆
  12. Occasions – Great for remembering important dates, birthdays and holidays. Ability to sync the important dates with your contacts on both Outlook as well as facebook. If say a birth year is entered it will show you egs. Linda turning 18 in 1 week. Every individual’s horoscope character and birthstone is shown. For anniversary they will display the type for the year, egs. Silver for 25th years. Options to call, send message, or write on facebook wall is available on every entry depending on the information entered in the contact list.

Also the free Social Networking apps makes everything so easy….here are my favourites :-

  • Tumblr
  • WordPress
  • Facebook
  • Twitterrific – Great for Tweeting, nice UI

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