More great Iphone Apps

Sick of me talking about Iphone and Apps? Well once the excitement wears off it will be back to AOB ok?

Here are a few more great ones to have in my opinion:

Photoforge – this one is great for folks who like me wants more power and controls like those found in Photoshop. Egs. adjusting curves, cloning etc.etc.

Hipstamatic – great for taking photos with an analog feel.

Vlingo – bark out commands for your iPhone to perform egs. “Search kamasutra” and a google search is done for you. “Call Joshua” and Joshua is dialled for you. “Twitter update I want coffee” and your Twitter status us updated. There are a few more free ones but the paid version allows you to dictate for SMS and email.

On This Day – great for a glimpse into history. Egs. Based on today’s date you
will see one of many entries like “1956 Spain relinquishes it’s protectorate over Morocco”

ePhotochest – Good for password protecting your nude pics, just kidding but some of you might want to protect some of your pics from prying eyes.

Okay that’s it for sometime because I’m broke *chuckles* But seriously not all the above apps mentioned are paid ones, some are FREE.


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