Fone For Thought

Here are some facts and tips for today’s mobile phone user.

1. Can I receive and send SMS while overseas, with Data Roaming turned off? – Yes SMS rates while overseas are based on your mobile’s roaming package. Not your data roaming package.

2. Can you connect on 3G when overseas, without turning on Data Roaming? – NO ! Data Roaming is the toggle which allows you to connect via 3G when overseas. In your home country, you can connect to 3G with data roaming turned off.

3. With data roaming turned on while your’re overseas, you will be charge for every single push notifictaion you receive from facebook, email and any other apps that pushe notifications to your phone. This means you will still be charged even when you aren’t using the phone.

4. Connecting to free wifi when overseas incurs NO charge, provided your 3G and data roaming is off.

5. IPhone Battery Consumption Saving – Turn location off, 3G off, Wifi Off,Push mail off and Data Roaming Off to conserve battery in standby mode.

6. Lithium-ion polymer batteries need to be used for maximum performance. If you don’t use your device often, be sure to complete a charge cycle at least once a month. You do not have to perform a complete charge cycle by first discharging it to 45% if you are constantly using and charging it daily.

7. If you have a certain amount of free SMSes say 500 monthly and do not fully utilise them then why connect to a messenger service through 3G or WiFi just so you can communicate free? You are already paying the fix mobile and data plan. Makes sense only if you are overseas and making use of the wifi over there.

8. Always keep a ziplock bag handy because you never know when it will rain heavily. This will keep your phone nice and dry in your pocket or even in your bag.

9. Take a picture of where you parked you car, so you’ll be able to locate it easily.

10. Lots of people forget that their Iphone has basic voice control activation. Press down the home key for 3 seconds to activate it then say “Dial Joshua!” and it’ll dial your friend Joshua. Or say “play playlist Bee Gees” and it will play songs from your Bee Gees playlist for egs.

11. Use a paperclip to access your sim card on the Iphone if you don’t have the tool provided by apple.

12. Keep your phones out of extreme heat or directly under the sun. Your battery will wear off faster!

Any other little tips to share?

P.S. thanks Josh for the notes on Roaming.

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