Message From My Brain On Having Attended A Course

Well I just completed a two day course on winning through superior customer service, or at least I think that was the title ha! Anyhow it was a very insightful course with great takeaway material for use.  The trainer was great and friendly and invited us at the end of the course to keep in touch via Facebook, so I did on the spot.

On the train ride home I wanted a humorous way to remind myself to apply what I learnt otherwise the two days would have been a total waste.  So I posted this on my wall on Facebook……..little did I think I would get a reply from the trainer herself within the same day.

Message from the brain on having attended courses – Any newly acquired skillsets or information not used or internalized by downloading them from the network shared folders to your local harddrive, will automatically be erased after seven days without further notification. Thank you for your kind understanding in this matter.

Trainer : haha. a gd one! Adults have accumulated knowledge + experiences. It’s a beauty to connect learning to this knowledge/experience database in our ‘harddisk’. As we relate theories and concepts to our experiences, we recognize & realized the value of ‘real’ learning.

My Reply : Thank you so much taking the time to accredit my feeble attempt at being a humourist.
On a different note, I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was refreshing to take away practical knowledge.
Cheers : )

There’s was a little more exchanges but these bits were classic!  Then again I may be the only one who would think so? 😀

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