My Custom Designed Shoes Has Arrived!

In Mar I blogged about ordering my self designed custom-made shoes from Etnies, well they arrived early today!

Check out how they fit snugly on my feet  😆

Love the way the name Jules is embroidered on it!

Kenan is now pleading with me to get a pair for him for his birthday in July, unfortunately they cannot reproduce this design in his size.  So I have just competed a custom designed one for him, however I’m holding off on ordering it yet.  Because I have to be certain of his shoe size and if he likes this new design at all.  (not to mention that it is not exactly cheap)

You guys and gals are the first to see it……And Yes the colour scheme is almost identical because he loved how mine looked…

4 Responses

  1. stylo milo man! how much you paid?

    • I believe it was $65 usd excl shipping and thanks sweets!

      Sent from Jules’s iPhone

  2. looks great. get yourself a skateboard and your whole look would be complete ! 😉

    • What a wicked sense of humour! *hugs*

      Sent from Jules’s iPhone

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