Movie Iron Man 2 (2010)

Starring: Robert Downey, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson
Director: Jon Favreau

If you were expecting non-stop, comic book style fighting action then you’ll be utterly disappointed.  I on the other hand, loved their chosen route on character development and story telling.  It was akin to watching a Star Trek movie, where you have both the Science and human intricacies all woven in together.

We also get to see the highly talented Robert Downey expand on his brilliant scientist,playboy,suave billionaire, role as he explores the often dark side of human nature when faced with  the likelihood of an untimely death.  Even Gwyneth Paltrow was brilliant in her repressed role as Stark’s right-hand, nanny,love interest!

Don Cheadle is indeed a welcome replacement as Lt Col James Rhodes as he lends his character more than just credibility. And how can we ever forget the visually stunning Scarlett Johansson with her slick moves as Natasha Romanoff aka Natalie Rushman.  As for the villain in the movie, if they were going for a ‘never judge a book by it’s cover look’….well then Mickey Rourke nailed it! I mean a beefy, highly tattooed physicist?! Well then again this is a Character out of a comic book named Crimson Dynamo. 😆

Well this movie definitely gets two thumbs up from me!

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