What Have I Been Busy With?

Well for starters I was trying to help the kids prepare for the mid year examinations. And even after all that effort they still didn’t do too well. So that means they will need to work harder after the school Holidays.

Also in preparation for Seth’s first holy communion, there have been numerous church meetings to attend and little projects to do. It is indeed very different from the time I had mine. Overall I think it is a far more enriching experience.

Instead of blogging, I’ve taken a greater interest in tweeting and communicating with friends via facebook. This effort has somehow brought me closer to some of them. Long lost friends and family now have a common playground to exchange thoughts and experiences.

More importantly it has given me another avenue to share my inner most thoughts which I have penned through short quotes. Perhaps one day I will compile them into a book to share with my kids, that is if I ever write more than the twenty eight I have currently.

Anyhow the thing that is troubling me right now, apart from a work project that I keep putting off. Is that my kids may need glasses! Why? I myself never required them till now, and my pair is only for reading which I seldom even use. Environment? PSPs? Genetic? Well I suppose it could be anything or a combination of some or all.

Will try to have more regular updates, if not then at least you can find me on facebook or twitter.

4 Responses

  1. oh dear.. they are stilll so young..

    i was prescribe to wear glasses when i was 12. there was the mandatory P 6 health checkup.. so i was ask to wear glasses..

    • Well I just brought Seth to the Optometrist and he says that his condition is not bad enough to warrant wearing glasses and thinks the Nurses assigned to the school were just being over cautious!

      I am still waiting to see a referral letter from them for Kenan.

      Thanks for sharing…..cheers!

  2. I remember being prescribed glasses in Primary 4; they weren’t for myopia though. I hope Seth’s condition doesn’t worsen.

    I read a study in the British Medical Journal of Ophthalmology on the prevalence of myopia in Singapore.

    Myopia is a problem of public health concern in Singapore for three reasons. Firstly, the prevalence of myopia is one of the highest worldwide. Twenty per cent of Singapore children are myopic at 7 years at the start of their primary education, with prevalence exceeding 70% upon completing college education. Secondly, a large proportion of Singaporeans have high myopia (more than -0.6 dioptres) — approx. 10% of adults whereas in Western populations it’s less than 2%. Lastly, there is a directly proportional relationship between the increased prevalence and severity of myopia over the last two decades.

    This brings me to your questions of environment versus genetics. It is interesting to note that Singapore was the first country in the world to acknowledge that myopia was not only inherited, but could also be caused by prolonged exposure to close work.

    As the gene pool in Singapore has not changed much over the last 3 generations, genetics could not be the explanation for the rapid increase in the prevalence of myopia. (Lol… reminds me of one of the characters of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium: The population must be isolated from other populations). It’s quite obvious that there is a close correlation between the level of education, and the prevalence of myopia in adults, so it only makes sense that myopia could be caused by the amount of repetitive close work that Asian children are subjected to at a young age.

    When I was younger (before I started primary school), my mum would sometimes bring me to her classroom or the maid would bring me to see my mum during her conference period and the few times where I saw her students, I was always amazed at how many of them had glasses.

    Oh, I’m curious too, do Seth and Kenan have different learning styles ? I hope they do well on their exams after the holidays. Only in secondary school did I realise that I was an auditory learner instead of a visual learner. I wish I had made the connection between the way I learnt music (perhaps the earliest thing I ever learnt to “read” and “write”) and the way I learnt in the classroom. It really changed my study habits. I saved myself writer’s cramp from then on since I learnt so much better by listening to lectures rather than writing down copious notes. 🙂

    Sorry this was so long ! Just got a little carried away with sharing…

    • On the contrary, I really appreciate you taking the time to share at length your experiences. I particular liked your take on learning styles as it did not occur to me to explore that in greater detail. As for the myopia bit, well I was considering teaching them eye exercises as well as the do’s, don’ts and good computer habits which would include game consoles etc. To see if it helps in any way over time.

      Thanks Kris and do continue to share……even if it means a few pages 😉 I’ve always liked your writing style!

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