Google Chrome 5

Just installed the latest Google Chrome 5 Beta a few days ago and I’m LOVIN it!  No I am not going into the technical aspects of it but what I will say it’s that it’s SUPER FAST and Finally I’m able to do online banking with it! So looks like for the next year or so, this will be my DEFAULT BROWSER OF CHOICE!

Click here to get the latest version if you’re interested….or the big logo above..

cheers mates! 🙂

3 Responses

  1. i been using chrome for the past year or so. in the beginning it didn’t support certain websites like java or flash ones (like my game and ibanking).

    and then i’d have to use IE just for that, and the contrast between the 2 browsers was HUUUUUGE! i had never noticed how bloody slow IE was until i switched to chrome.

    so i don’t think i’m ever going back to IE. especially since now chrome supports what it didn’t before. and it’s faster than firefox and all that too. so glad you finally made the change! 😀

    • Heya Sweetie,

      hope all is well with you and congrats to Johan on his Wall E project! I actually have been using Google Chrome since 2008! I used it as my default for surfing but had no choice but use Firefox or IE for banking etc. Now I don’t have to.


    • Oh and you’ll have to reinstall Google Chrome through the link to get the latest Chrome 5 hence the post!


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