One became two, then the rain came followed by the sun. And then there was three! We tilled and toiled, before we caught our breath there was four. Years passed,, and the landscaped change. Rest was forthcoming or so we thought, then the seedling sprouted and soon there will be five. True love is born out of sacrifice God is good!

3 Responses

  1. oh wow, are you really expecting a new addition to your family ? congrats !

    • She arrived on 11/11/11 and I thought you were still on FB. Then again if you were then you would have seen the pictures. Great to hear from you, how have you been?

      • Oh wow, palindrome baby ! I deactivated over a year ago but just logged back in to check her out. Hannah’s beautiful ! I saw the New Paper did an article on her too. 🙂 How are Kenan and Seth adjusting to her ?

        Thanks for asking, I’ve been fine. I’m back to blogging again, once in awhile. I’ll check back with you periodically. Take care.

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