Give A Christmas Gift Which Can Transform Lives

How would you like to give something much needed by the poor? That is to a child or family suffering in poverty across the globe!

Example of gifts such as :-

Lesotho – Two apple trees and Three $11 or $77 trees for 7 children

Mongolia – $20 Winter boots or $100 Winter boots for 5 children

Ethiopia – $94 One goat or $155 One Sheep or $498 A pair of goats and sheep for an orphan

Cambodia – $136 Medical and psychological support for an abused child.

Myanmar – $12 Warm Blanket or $48 Warm blankets for 4 children.

Vietnam – $28 8kg of rice seeds and 5 litres of fresh milk or $140 Rice seeds and fresh milk for 5 children.

Zambia – $49 One food pack for a month or $245 food packs for 5 children

and more…….

World Vision Singapore is a trusted organisation I support and you can too!

Download this catalogue so that you can give a much needed gift now…

Gifts that Transform Lives!

The GREATEST gift you can ever give to someone is Love and Hope.

In this Life-Changing Gift Catalogue, you will find just that.

Instead of getting expensive gifts for friends that will end up tucked away in a corner of their house, why not give a farm of goats or sheep, which World Vision will deliver to needy orphans so they can enjoy fresh dairy produce and income from selling its offspring? The effects will last a lifetime!

As you give, you can be sure that someone’s life on the other side of the world is changing for the better because of you. May you find great joy in your heart as you give, and thank you for giving these children a reason to smile.

For a whole list of other contributions which you can pay online click HERE

Helpful When Wet

Ha ha ha….sometimes I just tickle myself with the titles I come up with.

This afternoon as I made my way to the train station for work, it started to drizzle.  So I got my compact umbrella out, which just barely covered me and my backpack.  I say this with reference to my bullish frame *blinks*

Anyhow as I was waiting at the traffic light to cross the road, it started to really pour. To say it rained cats and dogs would be an understatement!  A poor lady standing beside me was getting drenched as she didn’t have a brolly with her, and just as I was about to offer to share my umbrella with her…she motioned to me the same question.  So we walked together under the shelter of my now ‘shrunken’ umbrella all the way to the train station which was about 100m away.  We then parted after she thanked me and gave me a grateful smile. 

Well half my body was soaked and by the time I got to the office I found myself not only shivering with the cold but that some of the contents in my backpack were wet too! Sheesh!

Still it was my good deed of the day! YAY! Not many of those these days……


Happy Valentine’s Folks

Wow just read an earlier post of mine on Valentine’s 2007 and it somehow comes across as a little harsh but hey there is still truth in it.

Anyhow this year, I was presented with a rose by a colleague of mine…….she’s such an awfully sweet person. Well it’s not the first time I’ve received them, just thank goodness it’s been a long while.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m appreciative and even flattered but it’s just that I feel awkward to be carrying it all the way home. ( even if it comes across as me buying it for someone else) And If I really wanted to give someone flowers, I’d rather arrange for the florist to deliver them.

There are a lot more ingenious ways of being romantic not just by giving flowers, besides not all women have an appreciation for flowers. 😉

Oh here is the pic of the rose I received…..


Happy Valentine’s!

Inexcusable Indifference!

I spent practically the whole day nursing a cold, lying in bed and popping chlorpheniramine almost every two to three hours.  Why? because I desperately needed to recover before going to work for the night shift.

Then in the evening feeling a little ‘spaced out’ and a little breathless, I willed myself to get on the bicycle to fetch my son from kindergarten.  As I was waiting to cycle across the last traffic light towards his centre, it happened! 

A motocyclist was thrown off this bike approximately 10 metres from where I stood.  I just went numb all over, and looked on as if it were a dream.  One chap rode his motorbike to aid the fallen rider, while another got out of his car to help.  And all I did was looked on even though I was the closest!  The rider got up with abrasions on his arm and a little winded from the fall. When the light finally changed, I rode on to fetch my son.  When I rode back near the spot, I saw the rider riding past me.

The incident kept playing on my mind the whole evening! If I could will myself to pick my son why didn’t I will myself to go to the rider’s aid?  What if it were somebody I knew??  I am almost certain that if I were not sedated, I would have acted differently but still I cannot help but feel ashamed!

Random Act Of Kindness

Contributed By Kim

Earlier today a random stranger came by my bedside and made small talk with me. He noticed I didn’t have many visitors and he was kind enough to inquire and keep me company for the afternoon. It was rather unexpected but appreciated nonetheless. I’m not sure if this would fit your description of “kindness” since small talk can be interpreted in many other ways but I suppose anything to break the mundane routine of the hospital is a little bit of “excitement” for me.

( Thanks for sharing Kim…*Bear Hugs*) 

Little Acts Of Kindness Or Gestures

We often feel as though we live in a cold, cynical world where survival is everything. And there are quite a number of people that quite often or only see others as rude, selfish, self centred,calculative and uncaring. From their waking moment, it’s a battlefield! Finding fault is the ‘Breakfast’ of the day. ‘Land mines’ are everywhere waiting to be stepped on. Before they even arrive at the office, they are already anticipating confrontations and this goes on for the rest of the day. What bitter lives they lead eh?

I am a firm believer of “You Reap What You Sow” and “Treat others as you want to be treated” and that kindness begets kindness. This doesn’t mean that I have no quarrel with anyone, I sometimes do…..rarely but when I do…I DO! hee hee And all this wise and good behaviour goes out the window…even if it’s momentarily.

Okay back the to the subject proper…..I’ve decided that I would like to list down all the little kindnesses or gestures that I have witnessed or encountered. It is in these little acts that makes life great for one and all! Like Mother Theresa once said “Not everyone can do great things, but all of us can do little things with great love.”

Yesterday while on the MRT Train ride home, I saw a man in his late forties with a weary look and a heavy backpack standing next to me. When someone got off, I expected him to rush for the seat. Instead he walked a few steps down to tap the shoulder of a pregnant lady and invited her to have the seat. She was very grateful…..

Then this morning on my way to work, as I was walking pass a void deck driveway to get to the main road, I heard a loud honk that startled me. You see I looked left before crossing, but as I turned to look right this cab must have sped up round the bend and was trying to warn me that he was nearing me on my left. I was a little annoyed but when I looked through the windshield I saw the passenger, an elderly Malay man wearing a songkok giving me a warm smile. He also held up his hand, elbow bent with palm faced out just above his forehead in an apologetic gesture. Well all I can say that it calmed me down straightaway and put a smile on my face.

If you would like to share your similar experiences, I will gladly post it on my blog. Just email me at xxxfly AT gmail dot com.