Mouth & Foot Painting Artists

I cannot recall how I even got on their mailing list, but I have been a small supporter now for ten years or so.  Basically how it works is that they will send me printed cards, gift tags or calendars twice a year.  The prints on them are actually original designs from the Mouth and Foot Artists themselves.  If I do decide to keep them, I simply write out a cheque and mail it back to them.  If however I decide that I do not want them, then I am under no obigation to return them either.   The initial package sent to me is usually not more than $30 with the option to order more if I want to. 

What impressed me most about this organisation (MFPA) is that one of their main themes of their credo is that they must never be regarded as a charity simply because its members are disabled.  In fact their motto worldwide is “Self Help – Not Charity.”

The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) is an international
organization, controlled by its artist members, whose purpose is to:

  • Make contact with artists who have lost the use of their hands
    through birth defect, accident or illness, and now paint with their
    mouths or feet.
  • Make contact with disabled people who would like to learn to paint
    and support themselves in this capacity.
  • Offer moral and financial assistance to the disabled that are
    interested in becoming students, and offer students financial,
    practical and creative support to become fully developed artists and
    members of the Association.
  • Establish publishing houses.
  • Tend to the interests of the artists by facilitating the sale of their
    work, primarily in the form of reproductions as greeting cards,
    calendars, etc.
  • Publish material that communicates and supports the purpose of
    the organisation.
  • Assist disabled artists in the attainment of self-respect, creative
    fulfillment and financial security.

Here is an award winning essay by Gilbert Tan one of the MFPA members in Singapore. And here is his take on the challenges of mouth-painting.

Here is just a sample of some of their great products….

Artist at work….

For more information on MFPA Singapore, please contact:

Mouth & Foot Painting Artists Pte Ltd
37 Kallang Pudding Road
#09-06 Tong Lee Building, Blk B
Singapore 349315
Tel: 6747 9732

Fax: 6746 1664

Oh and if you’d like to send some physical greeting cards to me, you can do so to

VBOX 888149
Singapore 919191

Please include a return address…. *winks*

21 Responses

  1. […] challenges of mouth-painting I discovered (via JulesLife) this article by Gilbert Tan, member of the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) Singapore. He […]

  2. Pretty amazing. Where do these artists learn to paint?

  3. They have courses conducted at the MFPA, you read all about it in the essay written by one of the artist at

    cheers 🙂

  4. I recently received a calendar which had a ‘Flowering Garden” painting by Thomas Henry Webster. Are there large prints available? How do I reach this artist? Thanks.. Michele

  5. Hi Michele,

    you didn’t mention when you’re from…You see there are quite a few MFPA organizations around the world with their own group of artists and collections.

    I did a little search, and though I am not sure if it is he is the one you’re referring to, I believe Thomas H. Webster belongs to the Association of Mouth and Foot Painters of Pretoria in South Africa.

    You may try contacting someone on this contact list which can be found at :

    cheers! 🙂

  6. Dear friends! I have finally found this page! I been to Britain last year, and my friend received Christmas Cards from yourselves, he has been so busy, so he has lost the link where to pay the money for cards, i loved those cards, now we still want to pay those money, it was about 5pounds or so! Please where do we pay now! With lots of love, Natalia

  7. Hi Natalia,

    Sorry but I do not work for any of the MFPA’s around the world, it was just a post to bring attention to such talented artists who have become self sufficient despite their disabilities.

    However you may try contacting MFPA UK at since you mentioned that the cards originated from Britain.

    cheers 😉

  8. “I cannot recall how I even got on their mailing list”

    Well, not only do I not recall – I know that I have not requested to be on their mailing list at all.

    Whilst I’m supportive of anyone’s right to earn money, I think sending someone entirely unsolicited goods and ‘requesting’ payment for them is a grossly reprehensible course of action.

    Thankfully, their return address is not far from my office, so I shall be able to deposit their cards along with a covering letter fully explaining my position on the way they have chosen to engage me.

  9. Hi Graham,

    I’m not sure if the mail package you received is similar to the one I have been getting over here, but mine clearly states that there is no obligation. However should I choose to keep it, then I can pay for them and continue to receive them annually also with the option to purchase.

    Perhaps we differ in opinion, but I think the way they do it is innovative and had earned my respect because they had sent it to us on faith that we might be interested. Yes you can always return to sender or even keep them without payment, that is entirely your prerogative so to me there is nothing reprehensible nor is it a gross course of action.

    cheers mate! 😉

  10. We would like to look into some tq card and I would appreciate if you could let me know which website I can look into for option of tq card.


  11. Hi Elaine,

    The Singapore MFPA does not have a website, you can call them at 6747 9732 to enquire or place an order etc.

    The Australian one does….


  12. there cool but weird

  13. Weird? how??

  14. hello,
    I have created a Facebook page for mouth and foot painters.

    This will be a great place to share information and show our work.

    • That’s a great idea thanks for sharing! : )

  15. we should be thankful that we doesn’t have to write or drw with our mouth and foot…

    • Yup we do….cheers mate!

      Sent from Jules’s iPhone

  16. i really dun understand why they do send it to your mailbox and want you to mail back if u dun wan to buy them. i stay damn far from them. and im hardly at home. that means i “bought” it? absurd…

    no im not gonna pay them. ridiculous.

    • Strange? Ours here in Singapore do not require we mail them back……And I can understand your frustration.

      cheers mate!

  17. This is blog dear sir not affiliated in any way to the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists.

  18. anyone know the whereabouts of dave de Vernon please email me at

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