Google Chrome 5

Just installed the latest Google Chrome 5 Beta a few days ago and I’m LOVIN it!  No I am not going into the technical aspects of it but what I will say it’s that it’s SUPER FAST and Finally I’m able to do online banking with it! So looks like for the next year or so, this will be my DEFAULT BROWSER OF CHOICE!

Click here to get the latest version if you’re interested….or the big logo above..

cheers mates! 🙂

What Have I Been Busy With?

Well for starters I was trying to help the kids prepare for the mid year examinations. And even after all that effort they still didn’t do too well. So that means they will need to work harder after the school Holidays.

Also in preparation for Seth’s first holy communion, there have been numerous church meetings to attend and little projects to do. It is indeed very different from the time I had mine. Overall I think it is a far more enriching experience.

Instead of blogging, I’ve taken a greater interest in tweeting and communicating with friends via facebook. This effort has somehow brought me closer to some of them. Long lost friends and family now have a common playground to exchange thoughts and experiences.

More importantly it has given me another avenue to share my inner most thoughts which I have penned through short quotes. Perhaps one day I will compile them into a book to share with my kids, that is if I ever write more than the twenty eight I have currently.

Anyhow the thing that is troubling me right now, apart from a work project that I keep putting off. Is that my kids may need glasses! Why? I myself never required them till now, and my pair is only for reading which I seldom even use. Environment? PSPs? Genetic? Well I suppose it could be anything or a combination of some or all.

Will try to have more regular updates, if not then at least you can find me on facebook or twitter.

He’s My Brother

Origami Fishee!

S&K Photostrip

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Can’t Wipe The Grin Of My Face…

It is great to have fun loving people follow your lead as you fly off to Never Never Land!


What do I mean?…..well after my post night shift I was feeling tired and the gloomy rainy weather didn’t help my disposition.   So for fun I posted this entry on my wall on Facebook which read….

“I am spiritually at this location for the next two days and cannot be reached 25.084899,-77.318172 *blinks*

Within a few minutes these are the comments I got…. (Minus 45 mins or so to show you how quick I got a response because I only copied the comments 45 mins later)


Irene – and where is that?
48 minutes ago ·

Yvonne – Bermuda triangle???
46 minutes ago ·

Julian – Enter the coordinates in google map dearies!
; )
44 minutes ago ·

Yvonne – sorry la no GPS…
44 minutes ago ·

Patricia – Mars
43 minutes ago ·

Julian – Atlantis Resort Paradise Island Nassau, Bahamas
Take care…adios…*closes eyes*
Leaving in T-minus 10, 9, 8,7 ,6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……..

we have lift off!…………..*muacks*
37 minutes ago ·

Yvonne – enjoy!!!
35 minutes ago ·

Irene – ha ha ha enjoy
15 minutes ago ·

Midway through these conversations I actually posted a pic of where I would be staying…i.e. spiritually!

Where I'll Be Staying...

And these are some comments I got….
Patricia – Wah so nice and peaceful, i would go and not come back lol
42 minutes ago ·

Julian – I’ll send you a virtual postcard spiritually lol…adios amigo…
40 minutes ago ·

Leslie – wheres this?? Atlantis ah??
39 minutes ago ·

Julian – *replying mid-spiritual flight to the bahamas*

Yup Atlantis Resort Paradise Island….

will return all msgs when I return…lol *winks*……..
35 minutes ago ·

Patricia – Have a safe and beautiful trip
20 minutes ago ·

So for the Finale I decided to post another picture….
I have arrived safely, here is a postcard of the beachfront! Cheers! *raises margarita*
And the last few comments I got for it….
Eileen – oh my nice lah..where are u..
32 minutes ago ·
Patricia – So clear the water , where is this place mailbox me
28 minutes ago ·
What a FUN evening it turned out to be…..see ya when I return!…. 😆

On Love

Love in it’s purest form is given unconditionally, without when, why or where.